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Successful auctions don’t just happen, they are planned. When seeking the services of an auctioneer, we hope you will use this guide to select one. Every member of the South Dakota Auctioneers Association (SDAA) is pledged to ethical responsibility to the buyer, the seller, and the public.  All of these auctioneers are members in good standing of the South Dakota Auctioneers Association.

Ted Souvignier – SDAA President

Why the Auction Method?

An auction works because ….

  • competition is stimulated at an auction.
  • the highest price is obtained.
  • you sell when you want to.
  • the auction method is fair because all have an equal chance.
  • auction advertising is effective.
  • at auction, bidders prepare for action.
  • at auction, bidders appreciate using their own judgment.
  • the auction method is a fascinating way to sell.

National Auctioneers Association

The auction method gives all buyers an equal opportunity. Bidders appreciate using their own judgment, but are often influenced to pay a premium when property is appraised by a gathering of several bidders. Being influenced by the judgment of others stimulates competition. One buyer wants what the others want, and the result is the highest possible price for property. The auction method is recognized as a modern, quick, convenient, and efficient system to sell your property. When you sell at auction, the spotlight is on your property, giving it individuality above all others at the time of the sale. It is a fascinating way to concentrate attention, interest, desire, energy and action

The auction method of selling a piece of property is the only method that can establish a true market value on any item that does not have a price tag attached. Any item that is well-advertised and sold at a well-managed auction by a capable auctioneer will bring all that the public is willing to pay for it – and that is all you can get by any other method. Therefore, the auction is the best way to sell anything – as it is sold on the day you set and on your terms.”  – REP

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